Your Social Media on Steroids

Building a brand is difficult. We make it easy.

In 2023 we generated our clients over 20,400 leads and helped our clients generate over $30 Million in revenue.

Professional Videographer

Your Social Media on Steroids

Building a brand is difficult. We make it easy.

Professional Videographer

In 2023 we generated our clients over 20,400 leads and generated $30 Million in revenue.


Hope for the best annnnd... Money gone

We hate the idea of your wasting your hard earned money.

We've helped businesses all across Australia through our social media marketing.

Forget the headache of trying to get more eyes on your business, our services will ensure you're reaching millions of people through a bespoke strategy.

Leveraging time-saving tools and actionable insights, we offer a suite of services designed to optimise online presence and accelerate business success.

From analytics to content creation, our team ensures every campaign is a step towards your business's success.

It doesn't get any better than that.




🚀 30-Minute Strategy Call 🚀

Exclusive Instagram Growth E-Book delivered to your inbox.

The Exact System we use to skyrocket your online growth in just 12-Weeks (Turning your Instagram into a Lead-Generating Machine).

Exclusive Instagram Growth E-Book delivered to your inbox.

The Exact System we use to skyrocket your online growth in just 12-weeks (Turning your Instagram into a lead-generating machine).

You know you want to.

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We’ve spent the last 5 years refining how we do videos.

We know ways to get you in front of more potential customers on Instagram using a simple trick that most business owners completely miss.

We do this for all content and pay huge attention to detail so you don't have to.


✅ Key content for social media and advertising

✅ Retention & click optimisation

✅ Videos that won’t put your audience to sleep


Building your brand online is the best way to ensure the longevity of your business.

A strong brand image lowers the cost of landing new clients/customers, increases brand awareness, and cements trust.

What most people are currently telling you to do on social media doesn't work, which is why we have an in-house strategy that'll guarantee serious results.


✅ More eyes on your business

✅ The most efficient long-term marketing strategy

✅ Increased trust & social proof

✅ A thankful sales team


✅ Increased brand awareness

✅ Simply more money

✅ Consistent, meaningful growth

Meta & Google Ads are guaranteed ways to speed up your lead generation.

Far too many people worry about losing on adspend. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most people do, before saying that “ads don’t work for them”.

Ads are invaluable for businesses - it just requires strategy, strong creatives, powerful hooks, and data tracking.



Jet Fuel for Your Business


Effortless for Busy Business Owners

Save time: We plan, create and schedule everything so you barely have to lift a finger.

Consistency: Have a consistent brand image online to ensure your brand message resonates with your audience.

Engage your audience: The content we’ll be creating for you will resonate directly with your target audience, helping to convert viewers into loyal customers with more touch points.

Jakob, owner of Unreal Media sitting with his client Nathan James, Owner of Fitness Cartel Australia planning out content and putting together a strategy for Fitness Cartel marketing.
Social Media Growth


Social Media Growth Made Simple

Seamless strategy: Receive monthly reporting and weekly support. This is how we stay on track and use the same strategies we have used to reach over 20 million people.

Increase visibility: Leverage our help to reach over 10,000 new accounts in less than 12-weeks.

Lead Generation: Understand that the power of social media is a lead-generating machine. Once you understand this you’ll become addicted to posting quality content!




Nathan James Founder - Fitness Cartel AUS
Jakob has done quite a few jobs for me in my fitness clubs, plus with our staff, as well as the apparel company I’m associated with. He has always been very diligent with his work and organised, structured and presented a polished video shoot.
Nathan James
Founder - Fitness Cartel AUS
Anthony Chimirri Kode Finance - Director
I have worked with Jakob and his team in multiple businesses including my own. His attention to detail, quality of work and genuine desire to add value to my business I cannot fault. That's why I have recommended him to everyone I know that needs a revamped social presence or increase in exposure and revenue. I could not recommend him enough. If you need to add more to your bottom line on social media, then Jakob and his team are the people to speak to.
Anthony Chimirri
Kode Finance - Director
Angelo Perera & Trevor Anthony Situate Finance & Carvera Group - Director
Very impressed! The quality of the videos and how they're organised each week is incredible. Well done on the hard work!
Angelo Perera & Trevor Anthony
Situate Finance & Carvera Group - Director
Todd Burke Burke & Wills Projects - Director
The videos are freaking amazing! Love them. You know how to make shop fit-outs look interesting!
Todd Burke
Burke & Wills Projects - Director
Sean Nicoll Marketing Manager- Brisbane Roar
Brisbane Roar has been working with Unreal Media for 6 months to produce key video content and key announcements for the club. Our announcements have been amplified through Jakob's professionalism, his skill in editing and his common understanding for professional work to the highest level. He has made our experience with Unreal Media easy and effortless.
Sean Nicoll
Marketing Manager- Brisbane Roar



Okay so let’s get real with each other. We’re a free strategy call to give you a taste test of our services. In 30-minutes you’ll not only have some actionable advice you personally can take on for your business, you’ll also know how we work and have clarity.

After this, we will also provide you with some tips on how to film, how to present on camera, and more absolutely free.

After giving it a shot, two things can happen:

  1. Your creativity is sparked and you continue doing it yourself.
  2. You realise you’d like to tap into our team’s full potential and take the next step in working together.

We’re a social media marketing agency that puts a huge focus on video content. We run your social media pages, look after your entire content creation process and run successful ad campaigns all so you can focus on your core business.

We’ve helped our clients get in front of over 20 million people and helped clients generate over $30 Million in revenue. One of our longest clients has grown from 2 locations to 17 in just 2 years.

Typically for our partner clients that we help from A-Z must pre-qualify:

  1. You must already be in business for at least 3 years. Our services aren’t for brand new businesses, we need data and info to work with to ensure a high-quality topics for your reels. If you want us to help you launch your business from scratch please enquire with a custom request.

  2. You need to trust us. Believe it or not we’ve had clients who get input from their aunts and second cousins on the content we’re producing. The truth is, you’re hiring us to be the experts that will get you the results, so we want to work with people that trust us in that to ensure we can guarantee success.

If this sounds like you and you meet the above requirements, let’s hop on a call.

Not sold?

“This is seriously the best videos we’ve ever had for our company, we’ve had over 150 leads come in before Xmas using that video!” – Auspac Solar.

Millions of views internationally

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