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In 2023 we generated our clients over 20,400 leads and helped our clients generate over $30 Million in revenue.



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Hope for the best annnnd... Money gone

The solar industry is like the wild, wild west right now.

Many companies are buying low-quality leads, struggling to close even 1 in 20, and facing cutthroat price wars.

What if we told you there's a better way? Unreal Media will reveal how you can create an inbound lead gen funnel that consistently delivers 50+ qualified leads every week!

With strict regulations on cold calling in Australia's energy sector, this might be your best chance to make serious money.

Get our FREE Report showcasing our proven strategies to bring daily qualified leads directly to your business.

Whether you want huge commercial leads or residential, we deliver.

No more guessing games! Just Cold Hard Results.

Why Unreal Media?

At Unreal Media, we don’t just promise; we deliver. And we're so confident in our ability to transform your solar business that if we don’t land you at least 1 solar project within the first 30 days, you won’t pay a cent. That's our commitment to your success.

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Get our no-fail plan and start generating 50 leads a week in just 30 days or your money back!

✅ Not Wasting Cash on Ads That Don't Work (Meta & Google Ads Mastery)

✅ Emails That Don't Suck

✅ A No-Fail Plan to Land Your Next Solar project in 30 days.

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Daily Qualified Leads: Watch as new opportunities roll in every day.

Zero Risk: With our 'no success, no fee' policy, your investment is completely safeguarded.

Exclusive Free Report: Gain insights into our tailored strategies that drive success in the solar industry.

Daily Qualified Leads: Watch as new opportunities roll in every day.

Zero Risk: With our 'no success, no fee' policy, your investment is completely safeguarded.

Exclusive Free Report: Gain insights into our tailored strategies that drive success in the solar industry.

You know you want to.




I have worked with Jakob and his team in multiple businesses including my own. His attention to detail, quality of work and genuine desire to add value I cannot fault. That's why I have recommended him to everyone I know that needs more social presence or increases in exposure and revenue. I could not recommend him enough. If you need to add more to your bottom line on social media, then Jakob and his team are the people to speak to.
Anthony Chimirri Kode Finance - Director
Anthony Chimirri
Kode Finance - Director
Very impressed! The quality of the videos and how they're organised each week is incredible. Well done on the hard work!
Angelo Perera & Trevor Anthony Situate Finance & Carvera Group - Director
Angelo Perera & Trevor Anthony
Situate Finance & Carvera Group - Director
Jakob has done quite a few jobs for me in my fitness clubs, plus with our staff, as well as the apparel company I’m associated with. He has always been very diligent with his work and organised, structured and presented a polished video shoot.
Nathan James Founder - Fitness Cartel AUS
Nathan James
Founder - Fitness Cartel AUS
The videos are freaking amazing! Love them. You know how to make shop fit-outs look interesting!
Todd Burke Burke & Wills Projects - Director
Todd Burke
Burke & Wills Projects - Director




Building your brand online is the best way to ensure the longevity of your business.

A strong brand image lowers the cost of landing new clients/customers, increases brand awareness, and cements trust.

What most people are currently telling you to do on social media doesn't work, which is why we have an in-house strategy that'll guarantee serious results.


✅ More eyes on your business

✅ The most efficient long-term marketing strategy

✅ Increased trust & social proof

✅ A thankful sales team


✅ Increased brand awareness

✅ Simply more money

✅ Consistent, meaningful growth

Meta & Google Ads are guaranteed ways to speed up your lead generation.

Far too many people worry about losing on adspend. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most people do, before saying that “ads don’t work for them”.

Ads are invaluable for businesses - it just requires strategy, strong creatives, powerful hooks, and data tracking.



Jet Fuel for Your Business


Effortless Advertising Campaigns for Busy Business Owners

Daily Qualified Leads: Watch as new opportunities roll in every day.

Zero Risk: With our 'no success, no fee' policy, your investment is completely safeguarded.

Exclusive Free Report: Gain insights into our tailored strategies that drive success in the solar industry.

Jakob, owner of Unreal Media sitting with his client Nathan James, Owner of Fitness Cartel Australia planning out content and putting together a strategy for Fitness Cartel marketing.
Social Media Growth



Request Your Free Report: Fill out the form to get your tailored insights on how we generate relentless lead flow.

Review Our Strategies: We’ll send you the report detailing the cutting-edge tactics we use, specifically designed for the solar sector.

Decide With Confidence: Use the insights from our report to make an informed decision on our 30-day lead generation challenge.


Our Track Record Of

We've perfected frameworks of marketing that guarantee results, reaching wider audiences and driving far more revenue for our clients.

Customer service is our number 1 priority. The amount of business owners we talk to that have been burnt by other agencies, overpromising the world with crude lock-in contracts and ultimately underperforming, is seriously upsetting.

It's left a bad mark on the industry.

Which is why we ensure our absolute priority is looking of you, the business owner. We don't work with someone if we don't seriously believe we can help make you more money.

Backed by years of experience and strategies derived from the best information available, our content approach ensures that our work is meticulously crafted to maximize impact and deliver tangible outcomes.

People Reached

0 M

Our tailored content has led the businesses we work with to reach over 20 million people - not just views - and our reach grows daily.

Revenue Generated

$ 0 M

In the last 4 years, our work has led to a confirmed generation of $30+ million dollars between all of our clients. We don't plan on slowing down either!

Videos Produced


Unreal Media has planned, filmed and produced close to 1000 videos, so we know what works and what doesn't!


Okay so let’s get real with each other. Is this an incredible offer Yes! I wouldn’t put our reputation on the line. But there is a catch…

We’re hoping that you love this report and you get some serious value out of it, and in turn being a busy business owner you realise you’d love to get our help to scale even further than what you can on your own.

It’s our hopes that we build up goodwill with this report to at least have a conversation with you.

For now though, enjoy the report and take the time to take action on each marketing method so you can increase your revenue by 900% this year.

We’re a social media advertising agency that puts a huge focus on video content. We run your social media pages, look after your entire content creation process and run successful ad campaigns all so you can focus on your core business.

We’ve helped our clients get in front of over 20 million people in Australia and helped clients generate over $30 Million in revenue. One of our longest clients has grown from 2 locations to 17 in just 3 years.

Typically for our VIP clients that we help from A-Z must pre-qualify:

  1. You must already be in business for at least 3 years. Our services aren’t for brand new businesses, we need data and info to work with. If you want us to help you launch your business from scratch please enquire with a custom request.

  2. You need to trust us. Believe it or not we’ve had clients who get input from their aunts and second cousins on the content we’re producing. The truth is, you’re hiring us to be the experts that will get you the results, so we want to work with people that trust us in that to ensure we can guarantee success.

If this sounds like you and you meet the above requirements, let’s hop on a call.

Not sold?

“This is seriously the best videos we’ve ever had for our company, we’ve had over 150 leads come in before Xmas using that video!” – Auspac Solar.

Millions of views internationally

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